After having read all your synthesis blogs and comments, I have decided that I’m going to skip all the preliminary blogs and go straight for the synthesis – they were great!

Thanks for the brilliant semester. Make sure you come next Monday for our last session together, and bring suggestions for how we can improve the experience for future classes.


Blog 6 is now History

Another week – and I can’t believe that I didn’t write anything to you last week – but I will make amends and write this week. The overall quality of your work just gets better and better. As the semester goes on, your work becomes more in-depth and really gets at the meat of what we are examining.

Posts that are of particular note this week are: Bethan, Bonita, Chris, Dan, Duncan, Francesca, Hannah, James B., James R., Katherine, Matthew G., Muteb, Rebecca, Tristan, and Ye. Congratulations to all (15) of you for a job well done.

Looking forward to next week, and enjoy your weekend.

Science of Education

Our class has been designed around a theoretical model of motivation from the field of psychology that has a number of principles or components. I would like you to think about the class and see if you can figure out what the model is (it has been mentioned in several blogs this semester).

Fourth Blog Done!

Congratulations! You have done well this week.

The blogs that I particularly took note of were: Dan’s, Daniel’s, Duncan’s, Francesca’s, Hannah’s, James B.’s, Joshua’s, & Zack’s. I see my numbers creeping up there, but when you write to impress, I am impressed – I even reblogged two of this weeks blogs.

Enjoy your reading week. Remember that your comments are not due on todays blog until November 12th.

End of Week 4

Busy week for me — sorry for not having your grades up yesterday.

However, they are up today. What can I say? There were a number of you who did extremely well (the WOW factor), including Bethan, Bonita, Chris, Dan, Duncan, Hannah, James B, Joshua, Matthew J, and Rebecca! Well done!

I would like to make extra mention of Bethan’s blog – first one, and it sets a new standard.

In reading Naomi’s blog on academic competition, I wondered how you view this class. Is it more competitive or do you see this as a cooperative experience? Here is a pill for you (I figured out how to do them, so you’re going to get them – better than clickers).

Comment Day

A number of students have talked to me about the pressure of getting all of the comments done by Monday at midnight – given that a good portion of the work would have to take place on the weekend. As a result, I am asking you to respond to this poll so I can decide if the due day should be moved.

The only drawback I can think of is that it puts it close to your next blog due date.

Let me know what you think.